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​​Sheep Units

S1/S18 - I guided a Governor’s Tag hunter in this area and harvested the largest ram taken by a FNAWS member in the U.S. in 1999. The ram officially scored 190 0/8ths B&C. In 2001, I outfitted two hunters to a 181 B&C ram and a 175 B&C ram. In 2003, I guided one hunter to a 175 B&C ram. In 2015, I guided a hunter to a 176 B&C ram.  In 2017, my guide helped a hunter to a 181 B&C ram. This is a great backcountry pack-in unit for residents and non-residents but is steep. 

S21 – I started outfitting/guiding in this unit in 2014. I had a 73 year-old nonresident hunter that took a 160s ram. Saw 170 class rams that got away. Good rams in this unit and draw odds are decent for residents and nonresidents. Rugged terrain. Be in shape.

S32 - There are archery and rifle seasons. Rams available in the 160 to 175 class. There is one non-resident rifle tag and one for archery. I guide from one to four hunters per year in this unit with great success on 170 class rams. In 2004, my hunters took an archery 173 P&Y ram and a 172 B&C rifle ram. In 2005, my hunters took two big rams. In 2007, we took three nice rams including a P&Y archery ram that completed an archery Grand Slam. In 2009, my hunters took a 178 ram and three other good rams. In 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, my hunters took nine nice rams. Best ram in 2014 was 170. A temporary request to hunt on Forest Service lands in this unit must be submitted before a hunt can be confirmed on Forest Service lands.

S33 – There are three resident tags and one non-resident tag. Good hunt for a 160 - 175 class ram. My 2014 hunter took a 175 ram. Part of the unit can be hunted by driving to near treeline and then hiking in while the other part is accessible by horseback. This is a high country alpine hunt. I guide this unit through another outfitter. Easy maneuvering but a steep climb to the rams once located.

S37 - This is an archery resident unit that has some big rams available. A ram near 40 inches has been seen and should score from 185 to 190 if he is still around. The boundaries for this unit were expanded a few years ago to include some never before hunted sheep. Not a lot of sheep and can be tough to find.

S40/S58 – The S40 sheep are found mostly on private land I lease. S58 sheep are mostly on public land. My resident hunters have taken several nice rams and I took a ram here myself in 1995. I live in the unit. There are 170 class and sometimes 180 class rams available. My 2012 hunter took a 38”ram scoring 170 and my 2013 hunter took a 175 ram. In 2016, our hunter killed a 180 ram. In 2017, our hunter killed a 170 ram. 

S57 - This is an archery unit for residents with nice rams. There are 160 to 175 P&Y class rams. I have access to the private lands where some of these sheep are found and know the area inside and out because we hunt elk here every year.

S59 – This hunt is in the Flattops Wilderness Area and also along the Colorado River. It is a rugged area with only a handful of rams but is a good opportunity for a ram if you are in good shape. I found 8 rams in this unit in 2012 while the sheep count conducted by the CPW found zero. My 2012 hunter missed a big ram and later took a medium sized ram. My 2013 hunter took a 167 ram. Often a nonresident tag here.

S73 – This unit opened in 2009. This is a backcountry pack-in area. These sheep were transplanted nine years ago and there are some 10 year-old rams now. You should be able to get at least a 160 class ram. My 2014 nonresident hunter got a 170 ram. Sheep are scattered. Often there is a non-resident tag here.

S74 – This resident unit opened in 2009. One of my guides drew the first tag. I helped him get a 170 class, 13 year old ram. There are some larger 170+ rams still alive. Lots of 160 class rams

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