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These hunts are conducted on private ranches on the Eastern Plains of Colorado. I operate in several Eastern Plains units. I lease and have permission to hunt on hundreds of thousands of acres. The trophy deer hunting on the Eastern Plains has been widely publicized in nearly every national hunting publication as some of the best deer hunting available today. Every hunter should see mule deer bucks over 170 B&C. Since 1997, my rifle hunters have averaged over 180 B&C on mule deer and over 150 B&C on white-tailed deer. My hunters usually take three or four mule deer over 200 B&C each year and one or two white-tailed deer over 170 B&C. To date, the biggest typical white-tailed deer taken by one of my hunters scored 194 B&C in 2001 with 29 4/8 mainbeams. The largest non-typical white-tailed deer my hunters have taken was in 2005 and scored 203 4/8 B&C even though it had about 9” shot off the right G2. The biggest non-typical mule deer my hunters have ever taken scored 256 B&C gross. The largest typical mule deer my hunters have taken scored 210 B&C. In 2015, my hunters took 24 mule deer over 180 B&C for 32 hunters. These big bucks are being produced because nearly all the land in these units is privately held and tag numbers are very limited. My hunters normally take 24-25 bucks each year over 180 including 12 or 13 each year over 190 and 3 or 4 each year over 200. In 2017 hunters took 6 bucks scoring over 200. 

The hunts include a 2:1 hunter to guide ratio, lodging, meals, transportation during the hunt, caping of the trophy, and recommendations on game processors and taxidermists. There are four weeks of rifle hunting. Lodging is in comfortable ranch houses with good meals served. Sack lunches are taken in to the field.

Unlike the random drawings in some other states, Colorado uses a preference point system for drawing licenses in limited units. This means that I can predict in what year you will receive a license. Each unit and season on the Eastern Plains takes a certain number of preference points to get a license. An applicant can apply for one deer preference point each year. Units with even a small amount of public land require the most preference points. Units with very little or no public land usually require fewer points and have just as good, if not better, hunting. In addition, I may also have some landowner tags available each year for archery mule deer and rifle white-tailed deer, which can speed up the process. Rifle mule deer tags take 4 to 5 points to draw. Archery tags take 0 to 1 point. Please call me for specific booking information.

Due to extremely high demand for trophy mule deer, we are currently booking archery mule deer 2 years in advance and rifle mule deer 4 years in advance. Most hunters rebook before leaving camp. Please call me for specific booking information.


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Guided moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat hunts, including those to be located on other Forest Service units/areas, may be requested under this permit, in addition to the normally authorized activities.

All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. 


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