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Comanche Wilderness Outfitters, LLC.  is an equal opportunity provider/employer operating under a special use permit on the Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests. Comanche Wilderness Outfitters, LLC.  is licensed #3356, bonded and insured.
Guided moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat hunts, including those to be located on other Forest Service units/areas, may be requested under this permit, in addition to the normally authorized activities.

All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. 

Reg # 3356


Mountain lion hunts are guided by experienced houndsman, Kody Lostroh.  Kody is a Colorado native, born in the town of Longmont.  Kody has a great pack of hounds that are experienced with both snow and dry ground tracking.  He has all the equipment to be successful such as GPS collars for his hounds, truck with dog box, and a Polaris SXS with heated cab.  Kody also has the use of CWO's properties, permits, trucks, ATVs, trailers and trax machines.  Kody and CWO have all the resources available to make your mountain lion hunt a success.  Lion hunting is a passion for Kody and his other passion was bull riding.  Kody recently retired from bull riding and besides his family, he is now focused on guiding and raising bucking bulls.  He won the Colorado High School Bull Riding Championship three times.  He won the 2003 Little Britches National Bull Riding title.  In 2005, he was named the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Rookie of the Year and went on to become the PBR World Champion in 2009.  He qualified for the PBR World Finals an incredible 10 times.  Kody brings this same dedication and work ethic to his guiding so please call us to book your mountain lion hunt with Kody. 

Mountain lion hunts are conducted district-wide on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District of the Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest and on several bordering private ranches.  This huge area encompasses a land mass extending from the Wyoming border all the way down to almost Boulder, Colorado.  This area is made up of units 7, 8, 9, 19, 20 and 191.  Mountain lions live at all elevations in the summer and early fall but with the season dates running from late November through April 30, the hunting is conducted on wintering grounds at low to mid elevations (below most designated wilderness areas where hound hunting is not allowed) where prey species concentrate and are found in the late fall and winter.  Mountain lions prey heavily on deer, elk, moose and bighorn sheep year-around.  

The mountain lion season is held in the late fall, winter, and early spring to take advantage of the snow that falls at these times.  Even though the hounds are able to follow a mountain lion on dry ground, snow is helpful for finding a track and judging the size of the lion by the size and stride of the tracks.  Harvesting a mature tom (male) mountain lion is our preference and recent snow definitely makes it easier to judge the likely size of the lion before the hounds are released.  When done properly, a mountain lion hunt is very challenging and ethical.  Your physical conditioning is very important.  Colorado regulations require the hunter to be present when the hounds are released on the track.  This ensures that the hunter takes part in the chase, not just the kill.  In addition, even guided hunters are required to take and pass a mountain lion male/female identification quiz before buying a license.  This educational quiz is found on the the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website at  Upon completing the quiz, you can print a certificate that allows you to purchase a license over the counter at any license sale agent.

While our Forest Service Permit allows us to take as many as seven hunters per year on seven-day hunts, we normally book about three hunters so that success is more assured (near 100%).  Our ideal client is someone who has a flexible schedule to arrive on relatively short notice (24-48 hours) when snow conditions are ideal.  Local hunters or other hunters that can easily get away for the hunt at the right times work out the best for our weather conditions.  Our part of the state does not always have constant snow cover, even in the winter.  Therefore, we book a seven day hunt but we will break up the hunt into two or three portions when conditions are ideal (fresh snow) instead of hunting seven days in a row.  This really helps increase the chances of success to near 100%.  Our close proximity (1.5 hours) to the Denver International Airport is also a plus for traveling hunters.  

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