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Reg # 3356


Each trip usually consists of a pack-in day, six hunting days, and a pack-out day. Success on muzzle and rifle drop camps runs about 50% to 75% on bulls unless the weather is bad. Archery drop camp hunters usually see elk daily and usually get shots. Most drop camp groups will usually see a few 300 B&C class bulls. Success depends mostly on getting out early EVERY morning, hunting hard, keeping a PMA, and the weather. To book a drop camp usually requires four hunters. Services include a fully supplied camp, directions to the appropriate trailhead, riding horse on the pack days, and packing of personal gear, weapons, and game. A packing list for the recommended personal gear will be supplied. Game harvested must be horse accessible. Please call us via sat phone (rentals available at

ASAP after you have a game animal down. Horse accessible means near a trail, in an open area, or in timber that is not too full of deadfalls. Game should be quartered and partially boned (except for the ribs, it is illegal in Colorado to leave edible portions of meat in the field) with evidence of sex NATURALLY attached to at least one quarter. A conference call orientation will be conducted with each drop camp group to go over these requirements the summer before your hunt. 

The camp includes a 12x18 wall tent, small storage tent, wood stove, Coleman cook stove, propane heater, table, four stools, sleeping pads, cots, pots, pans, utensils, cups, dish soap, dish rags/towels, 5 gallon water containers, water filter, lantern and mantels, axe, shovel, saw, hammer, fuel, game bags, two topo maps, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and trash bags. Hunters are responsible for keeping firewood and water stocked. Hunters are also responsible for supplying paper goods (Ziplocks, paper towels, paper plates, toilet paper, etc...) and food. Refrigerated food should be packed and split EVENLY by WEIGHT in TWO 48 quart coolers (No Yeti Type) with a block of ice in each cooler. Larger sized coolers or YETI-type coolers will NOT fit in our horse panniers. Dry goods, dry milk, paper goods (do not forget paper plates), and canned goods should be brought to the trailhead in grocery bags or boxes so we can re-pack these goods in our containers for transport to the camp. Excessive amounts of alcohol, soft drinks, and other liquids are too heavy and fragile and will NOT be packed in. Bottled water is not needed. Extra camping gear is not needed and will not be packed in unless prior arrangements have been made with the Outfitter. Hunters should share the cost of renting a satellite phone which is used to alert wranglers of game that needs packed out.


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Guided moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat hunts, including those to be located on other Forest Service units/areas, may be requested under this permit, in addition to the normally authorized activities.

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