Scott Limmer grew up west of Rapid City, SD where his family's property bordered the Black Hills National Forest.  Scott started hiking, alpine skiing, hunting, fishing, trapping, shooting, riding horses and riding motorcycles very early in his life.  Scott's parents were very active in the outdoors and each summer the family fished the trout stream near their property; hunted deer each fall out their back door and went alpine skiing every weekend in the winter.  The family also took a winter trip each year to Colorado to ski and visit relatives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Scott first fell in love with the Colorado mountains on these family trips to Steamboat Springs.  On one of the trips to Steamboat Springs, Scott's Uncle Marty and Aunt Joanne took the family out to a ranch owned by the coal mine where Marty worked.  The Colorado Division of Wildlife was doing research and live trapping elk on the ranch and Scott got to see his first elk up close.  The elk were blindfolded to keep them calm while being examined and Scott's job was to take the blindfold off before the elk was released and ran away.  After this boyhood experience, Scott wanted to learn everything he could about elk and other big game species.   

Scott's main passions while growing up were riding/racing dirt bikes and hunting.  Scott hunted often with his father, Don, younger brother, Chris, cousin, Greg, and both grandfathers, George Limmer and Walt Skyberg.  Scott's Grandpa Walt loved it when Scott visited Walt's farm and brought freshly caught trout to share at supper.  Grandpa George was the most avid hunter and fisherman in the Limmer Family and Scott followed in his footsteps.  The last time Scott saw his Grandpa George alive was when they went deer hunting together in November of 1979 in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Unfortunately, George died shortly thereafter while on a trip to visit relatives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado but his love of hunting was definitely passed down to his oldest grandson carrying on the Limmer name. 
After high school, Scott moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in 1985 to hunt and attend Colorado State University where he studied Business and Biology.  During his time at CSU, Scott took summer classes at the CSU Pingree Park Mountain Campus.  The mountain campus area borders Rocky Mountain National Park and the Comanche Peak Wilderness Area.  While there, Scott learned more about elk, other wildlife and spent many hours in the back country.  Scott also took the "Packing and Outfitting" class offered at CSU by Chuck Peterson (Chuck is still a friend and neighbor of Scott's to this day and has done some horse packing for Comanche Wilderness Outfitters).  After these experiences, Scott persuaded his father to come out for the October 1986 rifle elk season.  Using three horses and a horse trailer borrowed from Scott's landlord, Tim Petersen, Scott and Don packed in to the wilderness to scout and hunt elk for six days.  Although no elk were harvested, they both learned a lot about elk hunting and came close to getting elk.  From then on, Don would come out each fall to hunt elk with Scott and they became very successful elk hunters with a nearly 100% success rate on mature bulls.   

In 1988, Tim Petersen introduced Scott to Doug Kirby.  Tim and Doug worked together at a Kodak plant in Windsor, Colorado - just outside of Fort Collins.  Doug also held the USDA - Forest Service Outfitting Permit for the Comanche Peak Wilderness Area and outfitted part-time.  Doug and Scott became friends and Doug agreed to rent horses each year to Scott and Don for their annual elk hunts.  Later, Doug retired from both Kodak and the outfitting business in 1991 and offered his permit and pack string for sale to Scott.  A deal was struck and Scott took over Doug's pack string in 1991 when Scott was just 24 years-old.  Comanche Wilderness Outfitters, LLC. (CWO) was formed in 1991 and after a lot of paperwork with the Forest Service, a new updated outfitting permit was issued to Comanche Wilderness Outfitters, Inc in 1993 with Scott at the helm.    

After college, Scott worked in restaurant management from 1989-1995 and did double duty as a restaurant manager and outfitter from 1991-1995.  Scott met his future wife, Wendy, in 1991 at the restaurants where they were both managers and they were married in August of 1992.  Wendy had two little ones, Barbara and AJ, from a previous marriage so Scott became an instant family man.  Scott quit the restaurants early in 1995 and became a full-time outfitter.  Wendy stayed with the restaurant company until May of 1996 when twins, Cody and Cassie, were born.  Wendy also now works for CWO.  All four kids are now out of the house and doing well in the world after college.    

From 1991 - 1994, Scott, his guides and wranglers conducted wilderness elk hunts.  In 1995, CWO branched out to also provide pronghorn, bighorn sheep and unit 20 elk hunts.  In 1997, moose and Eastern Plains deer were added to the portfolio with mountain goat added in 2009 and mountain lion in 2012.  With help from CWO's long-term loyal staff of excellent guides and wranglers, CWO has become one of the elite outfitting businesses in the United States.  CWO and its clients have won more awards than any other outfitter in the history of the Colorado Outfitters Association's Best of Species Contest that was held from 1991-2016.  CWO won as many as 20 awards each year!  No other outfitter has put more fair chase animals of a variety of species in to the record books than CWO.  Hunting stories with CWO have been published in about every national hunting magazine and hunts with CWO have been filmed for Realtree Outdoors and Primos Truth About Hunting.  Scott and his guides have guided at full price celebrities such as Will Primos, David Blanton, several players from pro sports teams and many Governor's Tag holders but all clients are treated as equals without favoritism.  Scott and CWO have donated dozens of hunts to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wild Sheep Foundation, Wild Sheep Foundation - Midwest Chapter, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society and to Colorado Youth Outdoors.     
Over the years, Scott has served several terms on the Colorado Outfitters Association Board of Directors as Treasurer and as the NE Regional Director.  In addition, he served several terms on the United Sportsmen's Council of Colorado as the Outfitter Representative and was a stakeholder on the Colorado Division of Wildlife's Big Game License Allocation Project (BGLAP) that came up with the recommendations for the current draw system for sheep, moose and mountain goat licenses and several other issues concerning license allocations between residents, nonresidents and landowners.  Through his close contacts in the Colorado Division of Wildlife (now CPW), Scott was instrumental in helping draft CWD carcass handling and transportation regulations in 2000 that could work for everyone.  Because all of CWO's hunts are in draw areas, Scott keeps in touch with the CPW Biologists and District Wildlife Managers to provide input in the units where CWO operates to lobby for sound, conservative wildlife management that ensures older age class animals and quality hunting experiences.  In 2014, the CPW hosted the annual Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Conference Symposium for all the sheep/goat Biologists in North America and Scott was asked by CPW Biologists to give a presentation about Colorado's sheep herds including the herd status and genetics/horn sizes of the herds in Northern Colorado.  In 2015, Scott was asked by the CPW Limited Licensing Section to provide input and suggest possible changes on the proposed new format of the Draw Reports that are now listed on the CPW website statistical page.  These reports help hunters evaluate their chances in the draw and how licenses are allocated between landowners, residents and nonresidents.     

If you would like to hunt with CWO, give me a call so we can talk about openings.  Although not all hunts require preference points, I encourage you to apply for points for all species.  This system allows us to predict when you can draw.  You can apply for preference points online by April 5th with a credit card at  Call me for help and unit selections.

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