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Comanche Wilderness Outfitters, Inc.  is an equal opportunity provider/employer operating under a special use permit on the Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests. Comanche Wilderness Outfitters, Inc.  is licensed #1165, bonded and insured.
Guided moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat hunts, including those to be located on other Forest Service units/areas, may be requested under this permit, in addition to the normally authorized activities.

An Open Letter from Outfitter Scott Limmer

Welcome to Comanche Wilderness Outfitters. I suggest going to the outfitters association website at and click on “Best of Species” to see the awards won by my 2014 hunters.  As usual, CWO hunters won the majority of the awards: 21 in all.  I expect great results in 2015 contest as well because my 2015 hunters did very well again.  Results should be published in May.  My 2015 hunters had a lot of awesome hunts with a few slow ones thrown in to keep us all working hard.  

From CWO’s ongoing success in the Best of Species elk category, it is obvious that CWO has always had good elk hunting.  The great thing is that it continues to improve.  This is due in part to the reduction in license numbers in both my areas that I and others lobbied the CPW Biologists to implement several years ago as part of new elk management plans.  In 2013, my hunters had another great year taking 16 bulls scoring over 300.  In 2014, my hunters took 15bulls scoring over 300.  2015 was much the same with Phil Schmidt taking a 352 bull and Gary Cartwright taking a 344 bull that was missing a point.  The 2015 wilderness elk hunters had the highest success we have seen in years and they kept the wranglers very busy packing elk.  Please call me if you are in the market for either a pack-in elk wilderness elk hunt or a ranch based elk hunt.

My Eastern Plains deer hunts also continue to be great.  Despite the latest corn harvest on record, my 2015 hunters took 24 bucks over 180 B&C with 5 bucks scoring over 200.  Chris Lyons took our largest typical buck ever scoring 225 gross and 205 net B&C.  The largest archery buck was taken by Tom Little and scored 201.  We also had two archers miss bucks in the 230 class!  In 2014, my hunters took 27 mule deer scoring over 180 B&C including 5 bucks over 200 for 32 hunters.  These included a 231 taken by William Heyer.  The best typical was a 31” 210 for Gary Neal.  Where but on the Eastern Plains can hunters take bucks like these and draw every four years?!  My white-tailed hunters also did well with a 172 taken by Dale Adams being the biggest in 2015.  

My 2015 antelope hunters did well with four bucks over 80.  My sheep hunters did great with the best ram scoring 176 1/8 taken by Jeff Talbot.  Steve Davis took a huge mountain goat that scored 49 3/8 B&C with horn lengths of 9 4/8 and 9 2/8.  All in all, it was a great year with lots of big trophies.    

If you would like to hunt with CWO, give me a call so we can talk about openings.  Although not all hunts require preference points, I encourage you to apply for points for all species.  This system allows us to predict when you can draw.  You can apply for preference points online by April 5th with a credit card at  Call me for help and unit selections.

Scott A. Limmer